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We are currently incubating at Execution Labs, while working on our first game "MacGuffin Quest". Out now on iOS and Android!

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All “insert business model” games suck!


I’m RĂ©mi from Pixel Crucible, and we make Free to Play (F2P) games for mobile platforms.

Free to Play!!!!???

  • Clearly we are greedy bastards only out to get rich, right?
  • We wear suits and look at numbers all day, right?
  • We don’t care about our players; we only care about their money, right?
  • We aren’t “true” gamers; we don’t know games, right?
This is probably how you imagine we look like.
This is probably how you imagine we look


MacGuffin Quest

Get all the info on our current work-in-progress game, MacGuffin Quest!

Execution Labs

Curious about world’s first gaming incubator+accelerator?
Thinking about going indie?
Get some details about our experience right here!

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